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These mellow, easy-drinking wines offer good quality and great value.

Combining generations of Italian heritage with innovative winemaking techniques, the wines in the Tavernello range are perfectly suited to be enjoyed by the glass or matched with foods.

Chianti DOCG

(12.5% vol.)

The appearance is an intense red, the aroma is fragrant and fruity with a typical scent of violets. Well structured, smooth and harmonious in the mouth. Delicious with all types of starters and light meat dishes. Also perfect with pasta.

Best served at room temperature, between
16-18 °C.


(12% vol.)

This Sangiovese is a vibrant red in colour, with violet hues, and an intense nose of red fruits. On the palate it is bursting with fruit flavours of red cherries and blackberries. Perfect with tomato-based dishes such as pasta or pizza.

Best served at room temperature, between
16-18 °C.


(12% vol.)

This Montepulciano from the Abruzzo region has ripe cherry fruit on the nose and a vibrant palate of red fruits. With a smooth finish, it can be enjoyed with or without food; try it with roast beef or meaty pastas.

Best served at room temperature, between
16-18 °C.


(10,5% vol.)

This Soave comes from the Verona region. It has a pale yellow colour with hints of green and a subtle texture. On the nose, it has a pleasant bouquet of ripe fruits and hawthorn. Try it with hors d’oeuvres, light pastas dishes, fish, cold meats and chicken.

Best served chilled, between 10-12°C


(12% vol.)

This Pinot has beautiful apple and sweet pear aromas on the nose and a velvety, perfectly balanced texture. Served well chilled, it can be enjoyed on its own or as the perfect accompaniment to cold meats, light salads and creamy pasta dishes.

Best served chilled, between
10-12 °C.


(12% vol.)

This blend of Trebbiano and Chardonnay has vibrant citrus aromas on the nose and hints of apple and pear on the palate. Enjoy chilled on its own or with creamy pasta, chicken or poached fish.

Best served chilled, between 10-12 °C.


(12% vol.)

This Sangiovese is a rich, red colour and exudes aromas of blackcurrants. Tasting of velvety, fruit flavours it has hints of spices. A perfect match to hearty stews, tomato-based pastas and hard cheeses.

Best served at room temperature, between
16-18 °C.


(11.5% vol.)

Full-bodied and lively on the nose, this crisp white wine has zingy green citrus aromas and is deliciously fruity on the palate. Enjoy it chilled on its own, or with fresh seafood.

Best served chilled, between 10-12 °C.

Garganega Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT

(12% vol.)

Grown in the north-eastern regions of Italy, this Garganega Pinot Grigio is characterised by its intense floral and fruity aromas and full, fresh flavours. Serve well chilled, this wine is very versatile and can be enjoyed on its own or as the perfect accompaniment to seafood, grilled fish, salads and lightly spiced white meats.

Best served chilled, between                                         10-12 °C.



(12% vol.)

A strong and intense red wine in colour, it has delicate floral aromas and a rounded palate of dark fruits. Try it with grilled pork chops or simply on its own.

Best served at room temperature between
16-18 °C.


(11.5% vol.)

This crisp white wine has fresh floral aromas and is pleasantly fruity on the palate. Try it with roast white meats or simply on its own.

Best served chilled, between 10-12 °C.

Tavernello Moments

We are delighted to introduce you to these new wines from Tavernello – which have just arrived on shelves.
Featuring two well-known international varieties, these wines are fruity and easy-to-drink. Tavernello Moments offer the perfect choice and thanks to their “talking labels” provide inspiration for the ideal food matches - and also the chance to learn about the main features of the wines.
So don’t get stressed, with Tavernello Moments your life can be simple and uncomplicated! Cheers!

Chardonnay d’Italia

(12% vol.)

This Chardonnay is a pleasantly fresh dry wine, with tropical fruit notes and a round, nutty finish. It should be served well chilled and can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif, or as the perfect accompaniment to seafood and delicately flavoured pasta and risotto dishes.


(13% vol.)

This delicious Syrah has inviting ripe blackcurrant flavours and a wonderful lingering finish.  An obvious match to southern Italian dishes, such as lasagne or spaghetti meatballs, it is also the perfect accompaniment to grilled tuna and red meats.


Caviro supports the moderate consumption of wine during meals

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